May 11 2018 will not be forgotten soon in ikoyi Lagos.  The Economic Financial  Crimes Commission (EFCC)  acted on an anonymous Intel about some internet fraudsters setting their base in Club 57 Ikoyi Lagos.

While some were arrested, the other suspects abandoned their exotic cars to avoid arrest.


As usual,  the internet reacted as some people supported the arrest of these fraudsters with the “line” there is no justification for stealing.

While the other side was against their arrest blaming their actions on Nigeria’s bad economy and lack of employment for graduates. Others also said EFCC should first arrest our leaders and other corrupt politicians as a precedent before arresting “yahoo yahoo boys”.

We seem to have forgotten that the society has a huge role to play in the psych of a young person .

In a society (Nigeria)  where money is used to measure how successful you are, you might be under pressure to show you are “successful”.

Here’s some screenshots of tweets regarding this issue.


It seems this is becoming a touchy subject for Nigerians.


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