#WorldMosquitoDay – Why Mosquitoes Can’t Get Enough Of You

In the celebration of #WorldMosquitoeDay, Have you ever wondered why Mosquitoes seem to just be biting you alone?

Well, they don’t only bit you but they seem to be more attracted to you. There are but a few reasons why these mosquitoes seem to be more attracted to you. Let’s take a look at that.


First, let’s look at how mosquitoes even find us in the first place

How They Find Us Really

There are two things that happen to our body that makes mosquitoes find us quickly. First, carbon dioxide (CO2) we breathe out and secondly, the heat emitted by our bodies.

A Mosquitoe can detect the heat from our body from up to 10-50 meters away.

Now Here’s How They Choose To Bite

Yes, they bite everyone but they, like human beings, have preferences.

What Attracts Mosquitoes


Body Chemicals


If your body produces certain chemicals like Lactic Acid, you are more likely to be fed on more.

Blood Type

Mosquitoes are attracted to people with blood type O


Image result for body chemicals that attract mosquitoes

People with higher body resting metabolic rates are more likely to be fed on – Pregnant women, Obese people, etc.

Alcohol Level

If there’s alcohol in your system, you are more likely to be fed on

So these are all the ways a Mosquitoe is attracted to you more than others.

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