7 Out of 10 Won’t Read The Last Part of This Article!

This is not a marketing article

Okay…it is but hear me out.

If you are reading this article, it’s possible you might have come across Vasiti

Or Not.

But this article is to let you know what we do here (you can skip to the money part if you don’t like the long story)

Vasiti is Nigeria’s largest platform for students where students buy and sell anything around their campus. Anything Legal!

That’s not the definition you want to hear.

At Vasiti.com, Our only job is to make the life of every student who attends any school in Nigeria at the moment smooth and easy

Let’s not sugar-coat anything, schooling in Nigeria is hard!

And the probability that you will believe what you just read now (about making your life easier) is slim.

How to pass and money

These are the two things that you probably have a problem with as a student schooling in any Nigerian University

If I’m wrong…you can stop reading right now because you might be unable to relate

(Flyest Student meme or Gif)

So, as I said Vasiti got you covered on these two fronts (passing exams and money)

Passing Exams

Not counting the efikos (if this is not a problem, skip to the money part)

But Carry-over is one thing that scares us as students and nobody likes to have it.

Even if you got it by mistake.

At Vasiti, we don’t do tutorials but we have proven-to-work Student hacks to help you get good grades in school

5 Best Techniques For Last Minute Revision

The 10 Stages Of Examination Revision

And this one on 5 reasons why you should never have carry-overs in 100 level.

And many more. Click here

To the next one, Money!

The Money Part

Guess who the greatest scammers of Nigerian Parents are?


We always need the money and that’s why our handouts and textbooks have 419 prices.

So how do we help?

We don’t do giveaways but we have a marketplace to sell anything legal!

But I don’t have anything to sell?

Don’t worry, you can offer your writing services to other students.

Problem solved! You can offer any service and make money too.

Now, why should you buy on Vasiti and not on others?

There is nothing special about us but the only thing is nobody can beat the speed of delivery (our sellers are students on your campus, infact they could be your hostel mate) and our 100% customer satisfaction record.

We don’t have millions in customers but we treat the thousands we have like VIP

I won’t be surprised if you don’t believe me.

Here are few screenshots from our customers

and okay let’s say you don’t believe that, here’s this 30-sec video

And if you don’t believe this, video editing and all.

Here’s a free coupon to shop anything on Vasiti (At least get a feel of the experience)

And also you get this free Bangle Rubber Flash Drive 8GB if you can answer two questions on this article. Click here to answer

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