Epic Nigerian Songs

Remembering Epic Nigerian Songs


#VasitiTBT – Remembering 7 Nigerian Songs Everyone Should Know

Epic Nigerian Songs

Hello there!

It’s another thursday to look back in time, and walk through where you started from and where you at now.

Today on our special throwback thursday post, we take a step back to remember 7 great songs everyone should know.

Epic Nigerian Songs

Even if you weren’t born when these songs first hit the mainstream, that’s not a problem. These songs continue to remain evergreen!


So here’s the 7 greatest, evergreen epic Nigerian songs of all time!


Epic Nigerian Songs


African Queen by 2face Idibia (2004)

This is surprisingly the latest classics in mainstream Nigerian pop culture today.

African Queen is one song that will really never die! Many more generations will bump into this retro hit song.

The song alone snagged many recognition and awards to the performing artist.

Did you know that African Queen was also a soundtrack to 2006 Hollywood Movie “Phat Girlz” 


Joromi by Sir Victor Uwaifo (1969)

This is another song that will forever sound fresh in the ears of many Nigerians now and to come.

The song was written by Sir Victor who is also a writer, sculptor and musician.

The song is currently being played across the African Continent and beyond. Also serving as an inspiration for many Afro-themed music and movies.


Seun Rere by Christy Essien Igbokwe (1981)

One cannot simply talk about the history of music in Nigeria and leave Christy out of the picture.

Seun Rere is a song that champions a lot of meaning just from its lyrics. Recorded by legendary Lemmy Jackson, Seun rere continues to sound fresh in the ears of everyone.


Iyogogo by Onyeka Onwenu (1992)

From her fourth album – ‘One love’ Iyogogo became one of the greatest afro-traditional hit of all time and a fan’s favourite of all time.

In fact, all the songs from the album had a huge impact on Nigerians and Africa, as it preached love and tolerance for everyone.

Iyogogo single-handedly became an international hit track, with an evergreen sound.


Water No Get Enemy by Fela Kuti (1975)

Fela is single-handedly known as the king of Afro-juju, a unique music genre.

Water no get enemy, from his “expensive shit” album is among the great Nigerian epic songs we can’t forget.

The phrase is now commonly used when people perceive the need for water.

Although most of Fela’s song centered around political happenings and what not, this is one song that explains the natural need for what it is.


Wonder Wonder by Fela Kuti (1995)

Wonder Wonder is a song that talks about the need for African Unity and the confusion that many people face living on the continent.

This songs speaks of the need for peace, the impact of religion on society.

Lyrically, this is one song that has more messages than many present day songs.

The instrumental which stands the music out from various other of his songs is being streamlined in present day pop culture.

So yeah, we can’t forget this song.


Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga (1976)

Of course our list would be incomplete without adding this song.

Everyone knows this song, everyone else coming after us will also know this song. Fact.

Recorded in 1976 and having sold over 13 million copies globally, Sweet mother is considered as Nigeria’s top classic with a high global recognition.


That’s the end of our list, do you know any other evergreen classics?

Kindly use the comment space to let us know.


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