Vasiti Career Fest II: 6 Schools, 3 Ingredients, and A Successful Career.

What Exactly Does Vasiti Do?

If we got a dollar for how many times someone asked that question; we’d be a thousand dollars richer.

Vasiti is a company that does not just use technology to help student entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses; but also caters to the comfort of students by providing easy access to their needs on campus. 

But, that is not all.

Vasiti is also all about empowering students to gain deep clarity and insight about their future; by not just giving them access to the real life experiences of professionals; but also providing every atom of guidance and support needed to carve their own path in the world.

And that is what Vasiti Career Fest is all about.

Can you think of anything that could have drawn more than five hundred students of Covenant University out of their halls; in the middle of tests and exam preparation?

Vasiti Career Fest did that.

In April 2019, Vasiti brought Vasiti Career Fest, themed, Employment vs Entrepreneurship; to Covenant University, and the turnout was massive.

Vasiti Career Fest Gallery
Vasiti Testimonials
Vasiti Career Fest Gallery - Covenant University Edition

In Vasiti Career Fest 2020, students will be able to:

1. Understand the intricacies that involves transitioning from the classroom to a competitive labor market.

2. Speak to professional and industry experts, as well as draw from their experiences.

3. Showcase their business ideas, and creative innovations to potential investors.

4. Understand the benefits and limits that come with both education and entrepreneurship; and therefore use this knowledge in their quest for successful careers.

This time, Vasiti Career Fest is coming to not just one or two, but six universities:

  • Babcock University – March, 2020.
  • Bells University – March, 2020.
  • Covenant University – April, 2020.
    University of Lagos – July, 2020.
  • University of Ibadan – September, 2020.
  • Obafemi Awolowo University – October, 2020.

I am getting excited already.

And the theme, Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment; is designed to make students think out of the box, and make connections with the three fundamental elements to building a successful career.

If after all these information, you’re not sharing this post to your friends and family; and even social media; to tell them not to miss this, you fall hand o.


See you at Vasiti Career Fest.

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Nice one


I’d be there at Babcock.

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