Valentine’s Day shopping: Aphrodisiac, lingerie, chocolate Top Sales Charts

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14 as a festival of romantic love as many people exchange cards, chocolates, flowers, perfumes and other presents with loved ones.

A check by NAN correspondent in some stores in Lagos revealed that colour red, which symbolizes passion and deep love, adorned the walls and glasses of most outlets.

According to the merchants, top selling items for Valentine’s Day include aphrodisiacs, flowers, chocolates, candy, lingerie, perfumes, champagne or sparkling wine.

Chief Executive Officer, Fareedahs Desire, Lekki, Mrs. Kemi Ayegbajeje, said the company was offering 30 per cent discounts on all its aphrodisiac products in a bid to promote love and healthy relationship.

“Our various range of products from the sex sweetener, vagina tightener to the libido booster, has been a hit among men and women.

“In fact, since the beginning of this month, we have restocked for about three times.

“The world has moved away from overly prim and proper women. Most men do not even like it; mutual sexual satisfaction is the ultimate goal of most couples.

“Many married women are now conscious of the wonders of aphrodisiacs made from local herbs and roots to enhance their sexual performance, heighten their partner’s pleasure and ensure marital stability.

“Even some of my friends in the same line of business as mine are excited with the sales boom we have been enjoying.

“Sexual mastery and satisfaction is a serious money-making venture,” she said.

Aphrodisiacs go for as low as N500, depending on the type, quantity and function.


Sales Manager, Choices Supermart, Mrs. Kate Ogunleye, said chocolate and lingerie have been the number one gifts for lovers shopping in their outlets ahead of Valentine’s Day.

“Most ladies want to be desirable to their men and the tempting designs of our displayed lingerie and underwear have made the items sold out in our stores.

“Also, chocolate is the most loved confectionery that most people cannot resist as a gift, because most ladies believe that a gift pack is incomplete without chocolate,” she said.

Ogunleye said that the appeal for chocolate, especially the dark variety, could be because of its various health benefits, adding that moderation is vital in its consumption for a healthy lifestyle. (NAN)

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