UNN’s 44th Matriculation Illegal; says JAC

The national body of Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Nigerian universities have declared the 44th matriculation of University of Nigeria, Nsukka as illegal. This was decided after the university management went ahead to conduct the matriculation after the JAC told them to hold off the matriculation until the ongoing national strike of the unions across universities in the country was called off.The national vice president of the senior staff association Nigeria (SSANU), Dr. Leku Ador made the declaration at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka during a peaceful protest of senior staff association of Nigerian universities (SSANU), Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) and National Association of Technologies (NATS). The three sister unions that made up JAC have been on strike for over two months over none payment of earned allowances.

Dr. Ador said that the matriculation was illegal because management of university of Nigeria, Nsukka employed the services of postgraduate students and youth coppers to do the work of the striking non-teaching staff of the university in order to hold the matriculation against the earlier warning of JAC not to hold the matriculation till the strike is called off.

He explained that the national body of JAC held closed door meeting with the university management for five hours on the issue of the matriculation but the management would turned deaf ears to our words and were hell-bent on holding the matriculation.

” we assembled at the gate of the university chanting solidarity songs to show the world that non-teaching staff of universities across the country were not in support of the matriculation only for the police to throw canister tear gases on harmless members of JAC, chased us to a point on the instructions of the two deputy vice chancellors of administration and academic who stood at the gate with team of police men. Some of the members sustained wounds while trying to escape the tear gases being released on us at intervals” he noted.



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