UNN Management Insists On Curfew To Curb Immoral Acts

It was gathered that the management of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka has insisted on curfew at the Nsukka campus of the university from 11 pm to 6 am due to alleged immortal acts that permeates around the vicinity of the university.The university made this decision because they found out that suspicious activities were being done at night under the umbrella of night crusades and other legit ways of lazing about in dark hours.

The Acting Chief Security Officer of the University, Mr. Alumona C. S added that anyone be it Student(s),staff or other members of the University community who goes against the directives of the University as far as the curfew is concerned would not be let off.He warned all churches around the University area to put every night crusades on hold till further notice and every night readers(Libraries at night) to stop it with immediate effect.

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