Unizik Graduate Soaked With Acid By A Strange Man

It was gathered that a graduate of Nnamdi Azikwe University identified as Nkiruka Jane Nnaji was soaked with acid by an unknown man.According to Jane, she was managing a small cosmetic shop in Port-Harcourt before her NYSC will commence.

She met this man on her way while she was coming back from the shop.The man called her by a strange name and that was what made the level of her suspicions raise to the max; she had thought it might just be a tricky way to draw her attention.She was of the mind that the man was just one of those attention seekers that disturbs ladies on their way, so she ignored him but in a twinkle of an eye,the man moved towards her direction,tapped her shoulder and made her have an acid bath.She wailed and people rushed her to the hospital.Even though Jane had undergone about five surgeries that worth over a million,she was only assured of 30 percent survival as she had lost her ears,neck to some extent and her hair has been damaged.She has no suspect since she felt that it might be a case of mistaken identity; the man hammered away a name that she does bear till he committed the grievous act.

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