University of Strathclyde Covid-19 Hardship Fund.

This fund has been established to assist students in meeting essential needs during the pandemic response to Covid-19.

It is open to applications from students at all levels of study: Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and Research students.

Eligible Country Group: UK, EU, EEA, UK and Islands, RUK, International.

Level of Study: Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught, Postgraduate Research

Number of Awards:  Not specified

Value of Fund: Living costs

Duration of Fund: Short term to meet immediate needs


Registered students of the University (including students in Academic and Voluntary Suspension) are eligible to apply to the Fund if they meet the following criteria:

  • have fallen into financial hardship or anticipate financial hardship related to the current Covid-19 pandemic; and
    Other funds are not available to meet their essential needs, or are insufficient to meet these needs; or
    An award is appropriate to meet exceptional needs
  • Awards may also be made on an exceptional basis to students who are “Valid to Register” status.

Supporting documents (if applicable):
1 months’ bank statement
Confirmation of any funding such as scholarship, statutory funding or salary if not shown on bank statement
Confirmation of any benefits if not confirmed on your bank statement

How to Apply:

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