University Of Ibadan Listed As One Of The Best Universities In The World

According to the global rankings released by the Centre for World University Rankings(CWUR), the University of Ibadan is the only academic institution in Nigeria that is ranked among the top 1000 universities in the world. It is ranked 991st worldwide and 14th in Africa. Here are the top 5 Universities in the world

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is ranked number 1 for the seventh year in a row

Harvard University
Harvard University maintain 1st position for the seventh consecutive year.

2. Stanford University

University of Stanford (Best Universities in the world)
University of Stanford took the 2nd position

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of Massachussets ( Best University in the World)
MIIT took the third position

4. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge (Best Universities in the world)
Cambridge University took the 4th position

5. University of Oxford

University of Oxford (Top Universities in the world)
University of Oxford

That’s not all.

Among the top 10 universities are University of California, Berkeley, U.S (sixth); Princeton University, U.S (seventh); Columbia University, U.S (eighth); California Institute of Technology, U.S (ninth); and the University of Chicago, U.S (10th).

Also there are seven universities from South Africa, four from Egypt and one each from Uganda and Tunisia on the list.

The U.S leads with 213 universities in the top 1000, followed by China (108), the United Kingdom (62), France (58), Japan (56), Germany (54), Italy (45), Spain (38), South Korea (35), and Canada (28) round up the top 10 countries.

According to the CWUR, Universities are graded on seven factors without relying on surveys and university data submissions: quality of teaching, alumni employment, quality of faculty, research output, quality publications, influence and citations.

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