#MiaKhalifa: The Story Behind The Babcock Sex Tape Saga.

Nigerian Twitter never sleeps; there is always something trending. Either fraudsters are being exposed; or someone is being dragged.

And on few occasions such as this morning; it’s all about leaked sex tapes.

Sit tight for this story;

A female Babcock student got the shock of her life, when the sex tape she made with a guy; a fellow student of the school, got leaked.

People just don’t learn, do they?

Meanwhile, here’s how the whole thing started:


Now, wait for it,

A Covenant University student was allegedly caught masturbating to the Unilag’s student sex tape.

You know this story will not be complete without reactions, reactions, reactions!

There are a lot of good, bad and ugly comments about this whole issue; and while some are playing nice, others are plain brutal about it.

Let’s see them:

Trust Nigerians to turn this to a gender war. Remember the Pastor Wilson oral sex viral video? Where the whole of twitter bashed the man and not the woman; now the tables have turned:

Watch Video Here.

What is your take on the whole saga?

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