Types of People During Lockdown; Which One Are You?

The lockdown is one week and counting; and everyone has developed different routines already.

These are the types of people you’ll find during this lockdown:

1. Professional Sleepers.

If you thought sleeping can get tiring at some point; then you haven’t met these people. They just want to sleep and wake up when all of this is over.

Well, can we blame them?

2. Netflix and chill gang.

This is the movies all day, everyday gang. This is what keeps them busy. You won’t find them doing anything else.

3. Chop life gang.

By the time these ones come out of lockdown, the effects will be obvious. These ones can eat. In fact, whipping new things up and keeping their mouth busy is the goal.

4. Set awon twitter.

These ones spend the whole day on Twitter. That’s the only thing keeping them sane in this lockdown.

5. The one everyone is tired of.

This may sound hilarious, but it is true. If you’re as annoying and playful as I am, then you know everyone is tired of you; and just can’t wait for the lockdown to end.

Especially the parents.

6. The can’t-wait-to-go-outside gang.

These people spend half their time looking out their windows, wishing to be outside again. If you hate being indoors like I am; then you definitely know what I’m talking about.

Which one are you? Tell me in the comments.

Did I miss any type? Let me know!

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I’m the can’t wait to go outside gang member


To be honest, none of the above


I can’t kill myself o


. Can’t fully relate to any sha but 8 work, watch movies sometimes and try to eat


All of the above tbh


Definitely number five

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