Types Of Lecturers You’d Find In The University.

Heyy guys. How are your weekends going? So, here’s something to spice up your weekend. School is really stressful, yeah, and lecturers have their own way of adding to our stress.

Applications and post utmes are happening. You want to know how lectures in universities are? Well, today, we shall be looking at types of Lecturers you’d find in a typical Nigerian university. Don’t get it twisted, Nigerian universities are actually good, irrespective of the behavioral character of the lecturers. You’d still end up passing, one way or the other. Let’s have a look and view the ones we could totally relate to, for those of us that are already in school.

 1. Textbook/Handout Lords:
 If you must pass these ones courses, you must buy their textbook. Or else whatever you write in exam is a waste. It doesn’t even matter if you bought it after the exam, just make sure you buy it.

No.1 lecturer

2. Mr. Professional:
These ones always come to class. They teach within their time and immediately their period is over, they go. But fear these ones, they’re strict to the core.

No. 2 lecturer

 3. Mr. Truant:
You won’t see these ones throughout the semester but you’ll still write the exam. The ones that their conscience is still remaining 5% will come a week before exam and teach the entire semester’s work in 1 hour.

No. 3 lecturer

 4. Evil ones:
These ones always threatening to fail students. They’re always boasting about the number of students that re-sit their course, as if it increases their monthly salary.

No. 4 lecturer

 5. Womanizers:
These ones like girls more than the course they’re teaching.

No. 5 lecturer

 6. Mr. Discipline:
You’ll see these ones always forming Mr. Principle but students still be sorting their courses. How??

No. 6 lecturer

 7. Mr. Overseas:
These ones travelled abroad to get a degree and because of that, nobody will hear word again. Any small thing “when I was at…”

No. 7 lecturer

 8. Cool Guy:
This is the cool lecturer that doesn’t have problem. Students usually like this one because he understands what it feels like to be a student and is considerate.

No. 8 lecturer

 9. Mr. Census:
This guy likes attendance more than his life. Some of them will even come before their lecture time and lock door. “Course rep I need the attendance”

No.9 lecturer

 And finally, the lecturer that came to teach only those in front seat with his low voice. After writing attendance, those at the back be like

Final lecturer

Please add more to the thread, if I’ve missed out any, drop your comments on the comments section below.

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