Two Kenyan Women Swap Husbands To Find Happiness (Video)

Kenyan Women Swap Husbands

How far will you go to find happiness in your marriage?

Two Busia county women, 28-year-old Lilian Weta said to be a mother of three and 29-year-old Millicent Auma, a mother of two swapped their husbands in a bid to find happiness. 

Millicent Auma was living with her husband Christopher Bwire in Siroba village, Matayos constituency. Suddenly, she walked out of the tumultuous marriage and moved in with one Kevin Barasa, a married man with three children.

Barasa and Lilian Weta, 28, have lived together as husband and wife for more than 10 years in Namwitsula, Butula constituency and have three children, but were experiencing constant quarrels.

Weta told Standard Digital that her husband came back home one day with Auma, telling her he had a new wife.

Kenyan Women Swap Husbands

They came in at around 1 am with my husband and she (Auma) told me that night she was officially the wife…


When Weta confronted her husband, he told her to go look for Auma’s husband and marry him. Weta thought of their constant quarrels and said enough is enough. She summoned the courage and left Matayos in search of Bwire.

My husband told me to go look for Auma’s husband and marry him. I asked him if he would be comfortable with me finding a new husband. He said yes.


Weta called her brother and sister to tell them what had happened and they told her if that would bring peace in her life, then she should go for it.

They told me to do as my husband had said. In the morning I went to Bwire and told him what happened.

When she eventually located Bwire, she shared with him what had happened in Butula.

It was then that Bwire asked her to go pick up her children and come with them to Matayos.

Bwire confirmed that they were staying together as man and wife after his former wife left him without a trace.

I called Auma several times but she was not picking my calls so I gave up…


He added that between him and Barasa, one person may regret the decision.

It is either me or him who will regret afterward but for now I am happy with my new catch


When contacted, Barasa stated that he is no longer interested in Weta because he is happy in his new marriage.

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