First Class in OAU's English Department

Kehinde Lawal and Roheemah Arogundade


Two Graduates Make First Class in OAU’s English Department For the First Time in 21 Years

Making first Class in OAU’s English Department is a feat that rarely happens.

But it happened.

At the Obafemi Awolowo University’s 43rd Joint Convocation which held last week Wednesday two students from the English department, Lawal Kehinde and Roheemah Arogundade, for the first time in 21 years got the first class.

This is the first time two students are making the first class in OAU’s English department at the same time and the second time students made the first class in OAU‘s English Department ever since the department had a first class student in 1997.

The ladies credited their success to sheer hard work and dedication.

According to one of the graduates, Lawal Kehinde, who said her background also contributed to her success.


“My daddy was very strict about academics and he kept telling his children that his only inheritance for them was a good education and a wise child would make good use of the opportunity,” said Ms. Lawal.

“My mummy too, all she wants is the best. She complains when she sees 70A and she says always that she is sure there is someone in the class with 80A.

“I have a lot of siblings, older and younger ones. I look up to my elders and try my best to impress them because I know they have their eyes on me. And, because I have so many younger siblings too, I always strive for excellence because I know they look up to me.”


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