Styles for Natural Hair.

Heyy guys. Today is Tuesday, and we are back with our weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti Magazine – Trendy Tuesday.

If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome, and get ready to stay glued and marvelled, because Vasiti Magazine is going make you come back here every Tuesday for your fashion trends. Trendy Tuesday, as the name depicts, is all about fashion trends for females every Tuesday.

So today, we shall be looking at Styles for Natural Hair. Most times, people with natural hair find it difficult to style it due to the limited amount of styles they could do. But it’s really amazing and pretty to style natural hair for events.

This is the season where everyone is transitioning and looking all African and natural. We could look natural at events as well.

Let’s get inspired by the styles we have today.

kinky hair do
Natural Hair do.
Various styles
Twist and lock
Kinky hair do

These styles could be made at a salon, or you could do them yourselves.

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