Secrets To Being Comfortable on Heels.

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Today, we shall be discussing the secret to being comfortable on heels. As girls, we would definitely have to wear heels at some point in our lives. Yeah, some feel heels are not comfortable, so they’d be better off in flats, but   heels just have this amazing way of bringing out the outfit, compared to flats. There are secrets to being comfortable in heels and completely making you forget about the pains of wearing heels.


1) Right Size of Shoes.
Wearing the perfect size of heels would go a long way in ensuring you’re comfortable in them. The shoes would fit perfectly. Ensure you measure your foot before getting heels. Most shoe shops would help in measuring the size of your foot in order to get the perfect size of shoes.

2) Block heels.
If you are not comfortable with heels, instead of wearing stilettos or really thin heels, you could wear block heels for the perfect balance. You’re prone to staggering with thin heels if you’re not used to them.


3) Thin Soles.
You’d rather wear platforms than thin soles if you’re not so good with heels. Platforms, like wedges, creates the perfect balance while standing or walking. Thin soles may cause you to stagger if you’re not good with heels.

4) Breaks in between.
When wearing heels, it is advisable that you sit for a while in between movements. This relaxes the muscles and eases pain.


5) Lubricating the feet.
It is really advisable to apply oil on your feet before wearing the heels. It reduces the amount of friction accumulated at the feet when wearing the heels.

Following these steps, wearing heels would be much better and more comfortable for those that do not like wearing heels.

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