How to draw the brows

Everyday Makeup Skills: How to draw the brows


Everyday Makeup Skill: How to Draw the Brows.

Heyy guys. Today is Tuesday, and we are back with our weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti Magazine – Trendy Tuesday.  If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome, and get ready to stay glued and marveled, because Vasiti Magazine is going make you come back here every Tuesday for your fashion trends. Trendy Tuesday, as the name depicts, is all about fashion trends for females every Tuesday. Having said that, let’s move to the deal of the day. We shall be looking at: “Everyday Makeup Skill: How to Draw the Brows”

Makeup is something that has been in existence since history, it has however evolved with time and season.  People are now being very creative with their makeup skills and adding beauty to the natural beauty that already exists. One of the fundamental beauty of applying makeup is having “brows on fleek”. This is a skill that can be learnt and perfected with constant practice. So today, we are going to teach you how to draw the brows perfectly to achieve a natural and everyday look.

Here are 7 simple ways to draw the brows.

  1. Taming and Trimming the Brows.

    How to Draw the brows
    Taming and Trimming the brows

    This is basically just trimming the brows with a razor blade and taming it with a brow brush. A brow brush looks like a mascara wand, as can be seen in the picture above.  This is to get the brows in a neat state for it to be drawn. If possible, after trimming the brows, dip the brow brush into a brow gel and apply in order to get the brows to stay in a place and add more definition to the brows.


    Outline the Brows.

    How to draw the brows
    Outlining the brows

    Next step is to use a brow pencil, preferably brown, to outline the desired shape of the brows. It is advisable that you follow the shape of your brows. This would be easy to outline because you have already trimmed and tamed it. So you’re just going to outline the inner and outer ends of your brows as seen in the picture. If you don’t have brows, you could get these plastic brow tracers to help in drawing your brows.

  3. Fill the brows.

    How to draw the brows
    Filling the brows

    Here, you’re basically using your eye pencil to colour in between the lines you outlined in step 3., that is, you are going to fill the hairs of the brows with brown colour. You could also use a flat angled brush as seen in the picture to fill the brows, but the brush should have the eye pencil colour on it.

  4. Define with a concealer.

    how to draw the brows
    Concealing the brows

    Here, you are basically going to use another flat angled brush to outline the brows with a concealer. This sis to make sure that the brows are neatly drawn without any smudges.

  5.  Blend

    How to draw the brows
    Blending the concealer

    This is basically blending the concealer you used to outline the brows. You’re going to need a beauty blender for this one. Make sure you don’t clean the brows while blending. To blend, just keep dabbing the concealer with the beauty blender until it is no longer conspicuous.



    Highlighting the brows

    This basically using a highlighter to to lighten the arch of the brow with a brush and blend it, as can be seen in the picture above.

  7.  Lighten the brows

    How to draw the brows
    Lighten the brows

    This is different from highlighting the brows. You are going to use the brow brush to sort of brush the beginning of the brows. This is to give it a natural effect.

    That is how to draw the brows using these 7 simple steps. With more practice, you would be perfect. Do not forget to share this article with family and friends. if you find it helpful. Also leave your comments below.

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