Tosin Odunfa

Update: We are all #Bobofine Tosin Odunfa Finally Replies on the University of Mannittawiw

Tosin Odunfa is back!

Now you’ve probably found out that there is no “University of Mannittawiw

And Mr Tosin Odunfa is not a Lecturer.

But this wonderful “Social media drama” isn’t over as the guy that started the “University of Mannittawiw” trend has finally replied.

Here is his reply on Instagram.

Read the caption for his reply

Tosin Odunfa

So in the end, everything he wrote was just fiction.

The University. The Course!

Everything except the incident that happened on that plane.

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However, one thing remains hidden and that is the identity of the guy at the window seat.

The incident happened, but would the guy involved in this whole thing ever show his face.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments section

Meanwhile a few tweets from people on the reply

Who wouldn’t be wowed by the ingenuity
Another fan of Mr Odunfa

While this tweep still can get enough of the University of Mannittawiw joke

As well as this lady

Was Odunfa a clout chaser or a brilliant writer?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

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The guy is a scam. He just used the opportunity to gain some followers. lol

The Emperor
The Emperor

The guy just fooled majority. I wasn’t but I almost believed that “Wakandan-named” University story

Prude Goddess
Prude Goddess

Nice one but he is still clout-chaser for me. Shikena!


Twitter Orishirishi… I’m tired


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