Party Schools in Nigeria

Top Seven Party Schools in Nigeria.

Hey guys. How is your week going? Here is something little to ease the stress of the week. We shall be discussing “Top Seven Party Schools in Nigeria.”

party schools in Nigeria


As we all know, Nigeria has a lot of tertiary institutions, ranging from universities, colleges of technology, colleges of education and other forms of tertiary institutions, which provide adequate academic knowledge. Asides from academic work, some schools are known to be the life of the town, as the students ensure that they do not come to school to kill themselves, they must have fun as well as read their books.

Here are the top seven party schools in Nigeria.

1.) University of Lagos (Unilag).

party schools in Nigeria


As well all know, Lagos is literally the center of excellence, hence, there a lot of recreational centers and clubs in Lagos.

It is no wonder that Unilag has the most popping students and parties. It is an established fact that most Uber or Taxify riders from the mainland to the island are Unilag students.

The reason why many believe that most Unilag girls are not virgins because of the level of partying that happens in the school. Everyone knows Unilag is the number one party school in Nigeria.

2.) Yaba College of Technology (Yaba Tech)

Party Schools in NigeriaYaba Tech is located at Lagos, Yaba, just 70 naira bus away from Unilag.


As expected, Yabatech would also take advantage of the fact that it is located in Lagos, and would want to match up to Unilag partying standards. Reason why it is the number 2 partying school in Nigeria.

3.) Lagos State University (LASU)

Party Schools in NigeriaJust like the schools in Lagos, LASU makes no difference, and utilizes the social centers in Lagos.

  1.  Babcock University.

    Partying schools
    Babcock University

    As weird as it may sound, Babcock students party a lot, despite the fact that they are somewhat caged in school, and it is a missionary school. Babcock students ensure that they do not spend their weekends in school doing nothing. So, they leave the school, which is in Ogun State, to come all the way to Lagos to party their assess off during the weekend.

  2.  Covenant University (CU).

    Partying schools

    As funny as it may sound, CU students are extremely social. They may be caged in their schools, but they make proper use of their  holidays by organizing parties for students in other universities to attend. Most of the house parties and pool parties held during summer holidays in Lagos have their organizers in Covenant, Babcock and Unilag.

  3. University of Benin (Uniben).

    Partying schools

    Uniben students are also known for their love of parties, reason why most people feel that Uniben girls are promiscuous, as well as Unilag, Yabatech and LASU girls.

  4. University of Ibadan (UI)

    Partying schools

    Despite their love for their books, UI students also know how to organize interesting social functions in school.

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