Top Seven Apps That Will Help You Learn How To Code For Free.

The world is quickly becoming digital and a lot more technology dependent. Even if you are studying Law, English, or any other course that has absolutely nothing to do with computers; you can still have an added advantage and learn how to code.

For free.

Or you have this yearning to learn, but do not know where to start from?

Here are free apps that’ll help you do just that;

1. Encode.

This is the app for code-beginners; and it provides in-depth insights into coding.

2. Mimo.

This app helps you to develop programming skills that will help you develop an app or game; build a website or even become a hacker.

3. CodeHub.

In codehub, each course has up to fifty lessons; and gives vast information.

4. SoloLearn.

This app is best for those who have no prior coding knowledge and want to start from the very beginning. Each section is broken up by chapters that you learn and also take tests on.

5. Programming Hub.

This app is best if you are looking to learn multiple coding languages.

These apps can be downloaded on your android or ios devices; so, what’s your excuse?

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