Top Five Skills Every Computer Programmer Should Have

Computer Programming Skills

The world has really evolved! Who remembers when we used to count with abacus, or when we had no hope of ever hearing what we had missed when watching TV? Not that I am too old, but you get the point!

The world is run by computers these days, literally. We rely on computers for basic and complex needs. This basic and complex needs are brought about by programming.

Computer programming

Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program. These programs are for accomplishing a specific computing task.
 The process of programming therefore always requires expertise in several different subjects.
It also includes knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.
With that said, are you looking to becoming a computer programmer someday?  Here are Five skills you should be learning.


JavaScript, the most popular programming language on the planet, works on all platforms, has tons of jobs, and is easy to learn!

So, From engaging visual effects and games, to intensive UI interactions.

This is the ideal programming language to learn before you enter the programming industry.


Python is powering the global job market by being the fastest growing programming language.

This is a general-purpose language, used in almost all fields, including data science, finance, game development, geography – you name it!



C++ is the mother of all programming languages from a development point of view.

Being the core operating language of various major systems, games, and browsers, learning C++ can be the gateway towards gaining expertise in more niche and specialised languages.


From building Microsoft applications, to developing profitable games, C# is a fundamental language for computer programmers worldwide.

Be it understanding the basics of C#, or coding with C# Syntax, or Classes and Methods, or Switch Statements, Collections and Events, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to master this in-demand language.


As a programmer, you’ll spend large amounts of your time working on algorithms, problem-solving, and constructing multi-level systems. This requires logical, numerical thinking.

Gaining a strong understanding of mathematical principles can give your computer programming career a real boost.

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