Top 5 Most Popular Courses in Nigerian Universities

There are some  courses in Nigeria, that always have over-population in terms of students intake. The question is, why are  Nigerian Students always eager to do these courses?

Many do these courses because they are popular and it feels good to be identified by titles that come with them. At times some parents sometimes force their children to do these courses.

Yeah, it is that serious.

Here are 5 of the most popular courses in Nigeria in no particular order.



Law - One of the most popular courses in Nigeria

This is one of the most prestigious courses in Nigerian Universities. It is a result of the recognition of the profession that many law students are proud to show off anytime and tell anybody who cares to listen that they are studying law.

Graduates of this profession under work in chambers under a lawyer, or work solo. While some work in government agencies like the police, army etc.

But to be successful in this profession, Experience is key. Most people hire lawyers based on experience and the prestige of the chambers they belong to. To be successful in the law profession, you need to win big money cases, make senior partner at your chambers and to crown it all.

Get the coveted senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

This title is so prestigious that it could take you over a decade to get it. You can ask Festus Keyamo.

Also, if you were lucky and influential, you could also get it early like the current Vice-president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, who got it at the age of forty.



Medicine is one of the most popular courses in Nigeria
Yellow Pages

It is confirmed as one of the most prestigious undergraduate’s courses you can possibly do.  It is one of the most respected and highly paid jobs in the world. Just imagine being called a doctor.

Hold on… not any kind of doctor though, at least you know your onions. It goes beyond knowing the difference between a thermometer and a syringe.

You get the gist…

As an undergraduate, Medical students are given special treatment because from the moment you enter your second year, you are moved to another campus different from the main campus but the downside is medical students have to spend 6 years in school!

And that’s not all.

They also have to undergo 1 yr housemanship, then go for 1-yr compulsory service.

The thing about doctors is that they rarely look for jobs after school and those who work in private hospitals or have their own hospital tend to get a larger paycheck than most of their colleague who works in public hospitals.

So if you are planning on doing a course in medicine, you will need the patience and the brains to pull through.



Most Popular Courses In Nigeria
The Warren Centre

They are one of the highest paid professionals in the world. An engineering job involves the application of scientific methods to the construction and design of structures, machines or processes.

There are so many diverse fields in engineering with the most popular ones being, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Petrochemical engineering etc.

One of the highest paying fields in Engineering is petrochemical engineering. The professional in this field work with companies like Chevron, Shell and mainly oil companies and they collect a juicy salary at the end of the day.

Although the job comes with a lot of risks especially if you have to work in violence-prone areas where you have to deal with the locals who are against oil-exploration.



Most Popular Courses in Nigeria
Invoice NG

According to fixjobs.com, fresh graduates earn less than NRN 20,000 per month. However,  when they stay in the industry for some time, chances of earning more than NRN 50,000 are very high.

According to the website, the highest earning accountant earns about N 5 Million.

Here is the twist, did you know those who have professional certificates in accounting like ICAN, CIMA, tend to earn 3- 5 times more than those who only have a degree in accounting. So it is advisable, you start writing professional exams as early as possible.

Also, experience matters.

If you are able to garner experience and work for prestigious companies like KPMG, Price Water Coopers, you will probably earn a hefty amount at the end of the month.

 As an accountant, you can work in government agencies like the FIRS, LIRS or private companies like KPMG, PriceWater Coopers.  Most people who specialize in auditing are also said to earn a large sum at the end of the day

Auditing account involving spotting the errors and irregularities in the accounts of a company.


Computer Science

Most Popular Courses in NigeriaWith the technological advancement of the world today, you cannot help but recognize computer science as one of the most popular courses in Nigerian universities. 

There are many opportunities for those who studied computer science especially for guys who took out the time to develop on what they were taught in school.

Computer Science graduates could end up as programmers, web designers, Robotics Engineer and they earn nothing less than 200k especially those who know their craft well.

Graduates in this field are in high demand, hence the popularity of the discipline.

There are other popular courses in Nigerian Universities like Pharmacy, Business Administration, International relations but we can all agree that the courses listed above are the most popular.

If you think, there is a mistake in this list, please share your thoughts in the comments section

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