Tips On How to be a Gentleman

In modern parlance, a gentleman is any man of good, courteous conduct. It’s a way of life, not something you turn on and off like a switch! It’s regard for yourself and those around you.
The word “gentleman” was formerly used for men of the English gentry. However, some of the things that define them are still part of what defines a gentleman.


1. Have your own fashion identity
When I say “gentleman”, what comes to mind? A man in a suit and a tie? This is a throwback to the old days. Much more now, it’s not just a specific manner of dressing but a cultured manner accompanied with a well put-togther ensemble. For instance, the Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka seems to have a preference for shirts, a waistcoat and sandals. He’s simply being cultured in his unique style.

2. Be Hygienic
Don’t just dress good. Dress clean. Keeping your body and clothes clean staves off body odour and makes you appealing to the eyes. You should endeavor to remain well groomed. Not always scruffy looking.


3. Be a man of your word.
I believe a gentleman should respect other people’s time and respect what he says too.
If you say you will be somewhere at a particular time, don’t be late. Don’t go back on your word when you promise to help someone too. That’s what births trust, respect and strengthens relationships.

4. Be polite
There’s nothing manly about raising your voice at people. It’s rude. The reality is that raising your voice does not make your point better or more acceptable. Be polite regardless of status or positions you may occupy. This will endear you to the people around you.


5. Hold the door
Never get tired of it! It’s a very old practice and a subtle way of showing good manners. Holding the door open for people is a gentleman’s calling card.

We can’t exhaust every tip, can we? Let’s do with these and see how it goes. Will love to hear from you in the comments.

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