Here Are Three Kinds Of Student Readers You Will Find In Nigerian Universities

No,sorry,horrible joke, I couldn’t just resist it.I read from somewhere last week that reading is like shit, that some people piles shit(faeces) heavily , some delve into light shit while others are in the middle.You know what my little mind was able to deduce from it,that there are three types of readers especially in Nigerian Universities viz: Heavy readers , light readers and middle readers.


  • Heavy Readers

They are the kind of students that are very addicted to reading.Most of them frequent school libraries to read lecture notes, pick up any tattered book that looks like lecture notes on their way to class and borrow extra notes from 500l students at 200l as if it was their descendants that introduced University education (They do not understand 200l courses yet o). Fellowships,no! It is going to stop me from reading.Volunteer stuff,no! I won’t be able to hold any book.

Funnily enough, being a heavy reader does not make one the best Student in School.Some of them end up reddening the eyes of their lecturers because of ‘Over-Sabi’ while some knows how to cook up their write ups during examinations and test in a way that their ‘Over-Sabi’ instincts is not exposed.

  • Light readers

They are the direct opposite of heavy readers.Light readers do not have to frequent any school libraries.Most of them do not even go at all.A quick glance at their note within few hours works the magic.They are the kind of students that would be found in their hostels peering at their notes while they are drunk in conversation with their roommates.

  • Middle readers

They are the best kind of readers especially for University communities. Why? Middle readers are neither a heavy reader or a light one,they are just normal and ordinary.The reason is that they think outside the box.Their belief is hinged on the fact that life is beyond classroom and Lecture notes.


They tend to perform better in the outside world because they can strike a balance between their study and extracurricular activities.Many students in this category are excellent politicians, student journalists e.t.c with excellent grades.

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