Covenant University

This Covenant University Exam Setting Will Prevent Examination Malpractice

Covenant University is one of the best schools in Nigeria.

And it’s obvious the private Pentecostal Christian University founded by the General Overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, is doing everything right.

From the infrastructure of the school to the organization and even right down to the conduct of their exams

Especially the way the students sit down during Exams.

Below is a screenshot of the way students seat during Exams in Covenant University;


Beautiful Nigerian UniversitiesCovenant UniversityThis would obviously prevent most forms of malpractice.

Although not all.

As we all know, Examination practices by students are not alien to most Universities in Nigeria and even the world.

And many methods of have been tried to prevent it.

Some worked while some failed,

This covenant University style of sitting during Exam looks like one of the successful attempts to curb most examination malpractice that takes place in the exam hall.

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