16 year old girl receiving an award for her stand against child marriage


Child marriage, as far as most people know, mostly ever takes place in African States, and some Middle East countries. However, it is very much still rampant in India. India first passed a law against child marriage in 1929, and later in 2006. However, a lot of families still give their daughters away at very tender ages.

16 year old Panyal Jangid has taken a big stand against child marriages in India. She began to protest the illegal practice after she refused to marry at the age of 12.

Since then, Miss Payal has actively advocated for girl-child education and total abolition of child marriage. The Gates foundation honoured her on Tuesday with a Change Maker award.

16 year old girl receiving an award for her stand against child marriage
The UN Secretary-General Presenting an award to Miss Payal Jangid at the 2019 Global Goals Award.

The United Nations Secretary General, Mrs Amina Mohammed presented the award to her at the 2019 Global Goals Award organised by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York.

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