Thinking Of Coming To Canada On A Work Visa?

It is not news that literally everyone wants to move to Canada. Those Canada plans you have can be very frustrating; but not when you have the right information.

Some do not want to permanently move. You just want to go over there; work for sometime, and come back to Naija with all that money.

Well, guess what? You can.

As a foreigner, these are the categories of temporary work visas you may be eligible for:

1. Open Work Permits.

As implied, this is open, and no job offer in Canada is required. However, only specific categories of applicants are eligible.

See details here

2. Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

This is the most popular, as it allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals; to fill temporary labour and skill shortages, when permanent residents or citizens are not available.

See details here

3. Post-Graduation Work Permit.

This one allows graduates of certain schools in Canada to stay and work after school. However, not all programs and institutions are eligible for this permit.

So if you have plans to get this permit, do your research first.

You can check eligible institutions here

If you are still looking for an easy process to travel to Canada, you better read this

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Meanwhile, did you know that not all Canadian universities require IELTS?

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