Things They Don’t Teach You In School (3)

There are very basic skills everyone should have for ease in journeying through the adult life. No one is blaming schools. I mean, that’s not what this is all about. It’s just very important we see that we shouldn’t just say, “hey, I’m in school. Here’s where I’ll be equipped with all I need for life”. No. We can’t hang our life expressions on the neck of the school system. Let’s look at some basic skills the school won’t teach you that you must have.


1.  Communication and negotiation skills.

Communicating well is not just about keeping relationships or being a good partner. It also has a lot to with being a good business partner, friend and future leader. Equally important is the ability to know how to negotiate for what you have. Mastering this can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

2. How to care for your home.

Hey, this is the 21st century, and it’s unlikely that your parents will be looking after you after school! You might be surprised how many university graduates have no clue how to cook a simple meal, keep an apartment tidy, pay utility bills, and manage a household budget! These days, college dining halls and maid service (if you have/had in your school) can keep students from gaining basic and necessary home-making skills.

3.  How to manage your bank account.

It’s 2018 people, could there be a more crucial skill than knowing how to manage your money? Well, schools have done little to prepare students for their financial futures.

Many graduates are sent out into the world ill-prepared for the realities of adult life. I mean, we didn’t all take finance courses in school!


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