Things They Don’t Teach You in School (2)

Still on the series, I have come to discover that there’s so much we can be when we choose to break free from the limitations of systems and mindsets.  There’s so much the world requires from you that the school can’t equip you with. Requirements as simple as how to operate a certain machinery or how to relate with people in certain circles may be a major limitation when they are lacking.

Here’s some more.


1.  You don’t have to work for someone else!

So after school, we try to prepare a very impressive CV and set out looking for jobs. And when we do, we feel we have reached a state of fulfillment. Well, not so.  If only we are taught that we can set out to start our thing straight up without waiting for someone to hire us…


2.  Trust your guts.

Trusting your instincts is not one of the abilities emphasized on back in school.  You can have classes upon classes, practicals upon practicals, obeying the rules as stated without ever really gauging  your guts once! But as time goes on, we begin to see that we have to make big,  life-defining decisions about jobs, marriage, which city to live in, and we realise a well honed understanding of our instincts can be invaluable, but we’ve become too used to decisions being made for us. Start off making the little decisions for yourself; which restaurant to eat in, which clothes to wear and who to hang out with.

3.  Being a good partner.

Here’s something you will never see in a university syllabus. Learning how to be a supportive, communicative, and a loving partner yourself are some skills that will undoubtedly shape your future happiness.

(to be continued)


What are your thoughts on this? Will love to hear from you.

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