Naira Marley

The Naira Marley Debate That Never Seems To End.

I do not even have to ask if you know who Naira Marley is, because, come on; who does not?

When it come to Naira Marley, Nigerians are under three categories; and yes, Nigerians also include our African parents.

  • Die-hard Marlians: If you have any negative thing to say about the celebrity, you better swallow it in you’re around these ones. Either you swallow it or they swallow you.
  • Marlians by mouth: These ones like Naira Marley o; but everything na only mouth. These ones are part time marlians; or better still, audio marlians.
  • Naira What? : Do not even talk about Naira Marley to these ones; they will finish you. Naira Marley is nothing but a bad influence to these ones..

By now you are probably wondering what the point of this article is.

Well, I’ll tell you.

Twitter is currently debating on Naira Marley.

As always.

This is the tweet that started everything:

And you know Nigerians just can’t see something and pass:

Seriously though, this argument has gone on long enough. What’s it going to be? Is Naira Marley a bad influence? An inspiration?

Now that you have gotten here, you know I have to ask;

Are you a marlian? Or better still, what category of marlians do you fall under?

Don’t just answer this question in your head; tell us in the comments. We also want to know.

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