The Main Chick/Side Chick Dilema Everyone Is Talking About.

Main chicks and side chicks are nothing new, as it has even become the norm for a lot of people.

By the way, if you have not already heard the rumoured gist that popular Nigerian OAP Toolz, has just separated from her husband; then either you do not have a phone or you do not know how to use it.

Please, don’t beat me o.

Moving on:

There is a main chick, side chick debate making rounds on twitter;

And the answers are varying. People have a lot of opinions on this, and they are not hesitating:

Who do you think the man loves more?

Or who is the main chick in this case?

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Personally, I feel Viva is the side chick. Because, no man will tell his main girl that he has a side girl. Meanwhile can everyone just be faithful???


Whoever can be the Sidechick. I don’t really care.

Tunmise Akinmolayan
Tunmise Akinmolayan

I feel he is not serious about any of them, because if he is ,why have a side chick when he could just be faithful to only one.


Both the man, Viva and Tools are all mad

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