The Independent Woman 1

I’ve studied life events, situations; dramatic and non- fictional, even in my dream, there is this strong desire to pen this down. I’ve come to realize that being a male does not necessarily stop me from writing and extolling the virtues of young and old women. But over the years, whenever I see women that should hold notable positions in the affairs of the world handing over their life affairs to man, I feel depressed on the inside. God during creation, created ladies to be help mate to men, but surprisingly, even after many clamours, sensitizations, some ladies are offering themselves willingly to men as slaves.
To be independent according to the Advanced Learners’ Dictionary means not to be controlled by another person, not influenced by others in one’s ideas or conduct. Even though I cannot but acknowledge the efforts of notable women who have taken firm control of their life affairs and through the support of their loving husbands, have gotten themselves up with the grace of god to notable positions both in the secular, political and even spiritual, we cannot also turn a blind eye to those that are not firm enough in taking decisions that will help their lives positively, instead handing over to a man, which sometimes doesn’t even care about them. I am not saying women asking men to make decisions for them is bad, no. What I am trying to say is that there should be a limit.
The African culture is that which has successfully rendered women helpless by making sure they don’t get the opportunity to make decisions. But thanks to some women who has taken their stand against the supposed oppression. According to the culture, women are meant to be silent while the husband makes the decisions, either right or wrong. This same belief has made people believe that women don’t need to be educated, since they are going to be serving in their husband’s kitchen, so to speak.
Lastly, I am pleased that certain women organizations, individuals have taken a very firm stand against the oppression of the female gender. These actions have been of immense benefits in helping women find a voice of their own. In the next part of this article, I will be talking about the importance of women to the society.

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