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The Hustler Secret – Why That Hustler Is Such A Snob

Are you a hustler?

What’s your idea of a hustler?

The value of silence cannot be overestimated in the life of a hustler. A hustler, in this case, is a person whose sole aim is to add value, daily, into his/her life.

We see them around; those highbrow individuals that become famous from one literary competition or those that a very profitable internship suddenly falls on their laps or those who spend the same number of years in the same university as you but at the end of your four years, you have one degree and they have five. Then you wonder, how? When?

hustler Secret

Four years (or five), to some, is a long time to attain only one degree. The beauty of this knowledge is that it is only available to a small number of students. Students who, more often than not, are alone in this mind-set of self-development.

Imagine a student of Civil Engineering considering a career in Content writing or a fellow of Medicine and Surgery furthering a career in making people beautiful. It might sound silly but this is usually how it begins. From one ‘silly’ idea to an edifice, from being crazy to being a celebrity.

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So How Is The Snob Created?

It starts on the road of being a hustler. One thing you will learn from touring that path is that the road is mostly a lonely one. A road imbued with thorns, which become the springs that prod the flesh of individual successes.

Imagine living all your life believing in yourself alone, then all the years of self-development pay up to reveal the superstar we are all meant to see. The solitary growth makes you assume that no one is capable of understanding your dreams? Especially in a world where everything is built to stress you.

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In addition, becoming a university student let up the gates of fates against you. Figuratively speaking, we flip a coin, and it remains in the air for the duration of our stay at the university!

This (the university) opens up a well of indecision and confusion, dual traits common among the seemly idle-minded and the so-called YAGIs (Young and Getting It). This is usually heightened in the minds of the hustlers who are veering towards the road not traveled, with a blurry map and a pair of tattered shorts the insignia of fair and wavering commitment.

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The African culture cannot be set out of this trend with the age-long belief that there is a spiritual star every human has that holds the key to all our successes. In common parlance, it is referred to as Destiny or Glory. So if you make a move, keep it quiet, if you get it, do not post, if you see an opportunity, do not share, the more people know, the more they can thwart it. These pieces of advice are usually given from a place of love and care and might not be easily shed off. You might say, just like charity, being a Success-snob begins at home.

Finally, we are the product of individual processes and knowledge, while some might Hustle o! without being snobs, others use the silence of their hustles as stirring wheels of colossal successes. To each his own…

What do you think? Are you a “snob”? Let us know in the comment section.

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