Five Pros and Cons Of Living On A Nigerian Campus

So you have just gotten admitted to study that course you won’t stop talking about and you are wondering whether to live on a Nigerian campus or not , the thought of it alone makes you excited. Now that you’ve gotten what you wanted you’re faced with one big hurdle in front of you: do I live on campus or off campus. This can be somewhat tricky. Living on or off campus has its pros and cons.

Here are the five pros of Living on a Nigerian campus:


If you are a fan of living a stress-free life (who isn’t though?), then you best consider this. Living on campus is as convenient as can be.

Social Integration

University Of Lagos, Moremi And Jaja Hall Week

There are certain social benefits you can only get if you are living on campus, certain activities on campus require that you belong to one hall or the other and you most definitely would be missing out on this activities if you are living off campus



Simple and basic provision for people living on a Nigerian Campus

It is true that you would be sharing a room with one or two people on campus, but the simplicity in living on campus is quite refreshing. Everything available for you is narrowed down to the basic things you need.



Diversity Exists for student living on a Nigerian Campus

If you  are living on campus, be rest assured that you have a community backing, and there’s nothing as refreshing as that.you are surrounded by people with like minds and people who can either make the campus experience interesting for you or not.


Access To first-hand Information

students that live on campus gets access to first hand information

This is another exciting pros of living on campus, you get access to first hand information and opportunity. something you may not get if you are living several or few blocks away from the campus.

A Few Cons To Living On A Nigerian Campus



Little or no privacy

There is little or no privacy for students living on a Nigerian campus

This probably is a huge turnoff. it’s not enough that you are sharing a room with one or two people but they also have access to some of your things.


Little or no space

Unilag students - There are little or no spaces on a Nigerian campus

The availability of space makes it difficult to even consider staying on campus.

over-crowding of students and poor ventilation in the rooms makes it difficult to readily select living on a Nigerian Campus

Rules and regulations

University Of Ibadan- People living on Nigerian campuses

Other times the rules and regulations governing the camps system are just outrageous and unbearable.


So that’s the list of the Pros and Cons of Living on a Nigerian campus.

You may want to weigh each options to see which one suites you best.


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