Cynthia's Rape Story

The Cynthia Rape Story – The Lie That May Put a 19-Year Old in Jail.

The streets of social media is raging hot with a lie that could land a 19 year old girl in jail for up to ten years.

About a month ago, September 4th to be precise, two young girls, Anita and Cynthia falsely and publicly accused a young man who goes by the username @ynotes_ on twitter, of rape.

All in a bid to get hush money from the guy.

However, the plan grossly backfired.

@ynotes_ took to the same social media platform in a series of rants to raise alarm, and increase awareness over the issue:

@ynotes_ eventually had to resort to taking legal action against both girls, as they refused to refute or withdraw their false accusation.

Since then, things have only taken a turn for the worst, for both ladies.

And of course, the ongoing issue has solicited different responses from Nigerians, on twitter.

Even after several meetings with both Cynthia and Anita; with their friend Tega, as a mediator; both girls still refused to apologise publicly, fearing the backlash that they are sure to get.

Consequently, @ynotes_ has decided to sue, amidst great support from the angry streets of social media.

The fact that Cynthia is 19 years old, just a year above the legal age in Nigeria, has also caused a lot of controversy.

While some strongly believe that she is just a kid who played the wrong joke on the wrong person, others are infuriated, to say the least, and so believe that she is an adult according to law, who must face the full wrath of the law.

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