Maryam Sanda

The Controversial Story Of Maryam Sanda; And Where Nigerians Stand.

In 2017, Nigeria witnessed one of the most controversial murder cases in the country.

Maryam Sanda stabbed her husband – while he was praying – multiple times, out of anger; because he was allegedly cheating.

In her testimony before the court, Ms Sanda admitted that the two-year marriage that produced a daughter was with quarrel-filled. She, however, denied killing her husband or nursing such intentions.

She claimed the deceased fell against a broken Shisha pot while trying to pin her down; during a fight .

Just yesterday, on Monday 27th; she was sentenced to death in Federal High Court, in Abuja.

And Nigerians have taken different stands concerning this sentence:

There’s still a lot of opinions; see here

What is your take on death sentence?

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I dont agree with the death sentence oh. The law should take its course, she should be punished but not death sentence.


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