Nigerian News Headline

The Big Ten – Ten News Headline You Need To See This Wednesday

Nigerian News Headline

Good Day Readers, Here are the top ten Nigerian news headline stories across Nigeria. For the full story, click on the headline to get the full scoop of the story.

Okay, Agreed… What’s The Way Forward?

But I thought that was why millions turned out in 2015 to overthrow an incumbent president? Because you claimed you could defeat corruption. It would seem corruption finally defeated you… Albeit to the detriment of your supporters.

R.I.P To The Dead, Praise Be For The Living

Everybody needs to mind themselves in this country, the anger on the streets is real. Madam First Lady, next time turn back your convoy and find another route. R. I. P to the dead.

Give Us All Your Blings, No?

Don’t calculate this in dollars, you may not get the enormity. It’s actually 14billion naira worth of jewelry. Just Jewelry! That money could have funded startups for half the graduates in a year. Local man is in tears.

Today Is (Not) The Judgement Day

Are you expecting much from this? Apart from the memes that will follow on twitter, honestly I’m not expecting nada from the tribunal… But we’ll see.

Chop, Chop, Chop… That’s Where We At Now!

Another scalp… Keep them coming.

Welcome Back Home, Brothers, And Sisters

Let me guess. They would be greeted by corrupt officials at the airport who will ask “Oga wetin you bring come na” afterward they will sweat and swear in Lagos traffic, when they finally get out of it, they would begin to ask if it was a wise decision to return home. Of Course, it is, let me just remind you! No Place like home.

I Am Literally Gagged!

We are surely records setters in this country. But the club’s name though… ‘Aston Villa Gano’. I am literally gagged!

It’s A Win – Win

What Do You Think? A thrilling match that had a disappointing climax? I’m sure the Ukrainians Think so too!

Of Course, There’s No Law In The Land

Do we now do prisoner swap with criminals? Isn’t this an incentive for others to join the trade? But what do I know…

Well, We Know Where All That Money Be Going

If they like, let them budget the world, we already know where it goes, and by the way, Vision 2020, How far?

These are all the top-grossing stories you need to read about today. For more updates like this and to stay informed, subscribe to Vasiti Magazine Below:

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