Nigerian News Headline

The Big Ten – Ten News Headline You Need To See This Tuesday

Nigerian News Headline

Good Day Readers, Here are the top ten Nigerian news headline stories across Nigeria. For the full story, click on the headline to get the full scoop of the story.

Any Means For A Getaway

Am I the only one finding it strange that the supreme court is stirred up because of this? This kind of thing happens every time in Nigeria. Government officials using government officials for personal and unofficial things!

Will You Destroy Your DSTV Or Throw Your MTN SIM Card?

In the wake of all the xenophobic attack on Nigerian and other Africans in SA, Nigerians have called on a #shutdownSA, calling for the removal of South African owned companies and business. The real question is this: Will You Destroy Your DSTV or Your MTN SIM Card?

Investigations Begin On Heineken

There seems to be a pattern we’re not seeing here. Remember, in 2017 when the police interrogated Heineken transferred one of its managers? Well, here is a more detailed investigative report.

We Need New Wine; I Agree Too!

If this is what to take to end the insurgency in the country! Yes, please! Sack all them old people and bring in them new hot, steamy, dreamy eyes soldiers… Forgive me, I couldn’t help myself! But You get the point.

Military Man Gets Hard Labour 14-Day Sentence – Is This Nigeria?

I know! I asked myself that too. Well, Apparently this is Nigeria and yes justice is still a thing and we are still waiting for #freesowore and #Cozarape and a host of others, but what do I know?

Boy Bye, We Don’t Know You!!!

Just when I think it couldn’t get any worse, we turn our backs on ourselves. I don’t understand the idea or reason for this but it is highly disturbing. God help us In Nigeria and away from home!

A Very Weak Stone Thrown

I know the Headline says The FG but read deep, it’s just a weak stone throw. Nigerians need more than just summoning but hey, that’s a start! All we want is a stopping of the xenophobic attacks and compensation for businessmen who have lost one thing or the other.

N2bn Case Dropped Just Like That

‘When You Join APC, Your Sins Are Washed Away ‘

Adam’s Oshiomole

Could this just be the case? Has corruption won again, as usual?

#Chivido Issa Goal

Few days after Burna scored a Free-kick late in the game to Prove that NG Men don’t cheat, Davido has scored a 60 Yard rocket into the Top Corner by doing his Introduction with Chioma.

Go For Win – Musa

SUPER Eagles’ captain, Ahmed Musa has charged the U-23 National Team, Olympic Eagles.

These are all the top-grossing stories you need to read about today. For more updates like this and to stay informed, subscribe to Vasiti Magazine Below:

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