Nigerian News Headline

The Big Ten – Ten News Headline You Need To See This Tuesday

Nigerian News Headline

Good Day Readers, Here are the top ten Nigerian news headline stories across Nigeria. For the full story, click on the headline to get the full scoop of the story.

Wadum’s Arms Dealer Speaks

Okay, we all know that in Nigeria, not every ‘criminal’ is a ‘solo criminal’, well, except you exclude the like Diezani and maybe Patience Jonathan… But, a self-confessed dealer in a crime like this is a bit suspicious. What do you think?

More Money But More Poverty

Ever wondered where all this money and good they keep recovering go to? Well, It’s a circle, a conspiracy theory Nigerians will never solve!

FG Joins FBI To Tackle Corruption

The FBI and the world generally have had its eyes on Nigeria for quite a while now. The corruption is becoming incessantly disturbing globally. We wish you well in the good fight against corruption.

The Nigerian Power Sector Drama

There’s nothing as discouraging as this: In 2019, it’s surprising how what we are still talking about are stable electricity and good roads. Like, aren’t we tired of ourselves?

One Star Dropped, There are A Million Others

It may seem like the end of the road for Nigerians in this competition, however, we are still very much hopeful for a good deliver in football.

30K From September – Labour

For this, let’s just be hopeful that they actually come through with this! Even though it’s not enough, at least, it’s a start.

Alleged Rape Pastor Goes In For Questioning

How many of you already know how this would end?

Bandits, Boko Haram, or Herdsmen?

Well, I don’t know either.

The Good Doctor, He is Nigerian

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, the United States, has appointed Oluyinka Olutoye, a Nigerian medical doctor, as its surgeon-in-chief. Hope Americans will still go there for treatment!

Burna Boy, Stefflon and An Unnamed Affair

Nigerians will always find a way to start a smoke where there is none.

These are all the top-grossing stories you need to read about today. For more updates like this and to stay informed, subscribe to Vasiti Magazine Below:

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