The Big Ten – Ten News Headline You Need To See This Saturday

Nigerian News Headline

Good Day Readers, Here are the top ten Nigerian news headline stories across Nigeria. For the full story, click on the headline to get the full scoop of the story.

The Land Is Green… Literally!

I never understand why Nigerian youths are not well invested in agriculture… I mean it’s somewhat outrageous. Farming? Not for the average Nigerian youth. An “office job with a 500k salary per month” for a start would do.

Insensitivity Is A Thing, And SA’s Minister Is The Captain!

The government in Nigeria is finally starting to act like a government. No time for dulling, you do anyhow, you see anyhow… You say rubbish, We correct you. Yes!

The Level Of Unseriousness

Do people need updated passports to return to Nigeria? I don’t think the immigration officials in either country care.

Where Help Is Needed, Who Do You Go To?

Nigerians won’t protest about this or attack party offices. No. We’ve gotten used to it.

Hero To Tyrant And Back To Hero?

Mugabe began his reign with good intentions but let the allure of power detail his vision. Power truly is intoxicating.
R. I. P

MTN Is Back – Hopefully, Xenophobia Is Over

I can’t imagine how disappointed the staffs of these offices are right now. They were probably hoping for a full week of holiday.

There’s A Wife Ministry We Don’t Know About

Even with the recession and low oil prices.
These people have no pity on us. Literally!

Oh Hold On! Hunger Or Xenophobia?

This has gone beyond Xenophobia this is fill blown hunger and robbery in progress here.

When An Officer Robs You 101

Nicki Set To Draw The Curtains

Starting a family shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams, Nicki.
Ask queen Beyonce how she managed.
The industry still needs you.

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