The Big Ten – Ten News Headline You Need To See This Friday

Nigerian News Headline

Good Day Readers, Here are the top ten Nigerian news headline stories across Nigeria. For the full story, click on the headline to get the full scoop of the story.

RIP Mugabe – Loud In Life And In Death!

Another member of Africa’s “old guard” passes away. Whatever your thoughts on his 30-year rule, what you cannot take away from him is his love for Africa. Something this current crop of African leaders is lacking.

Just Like We Take Everything, Take Over This One!!!

This would have been a nice idea except that the federal government doesn’t really have a good record with managing corporations. Nitel and Nepa come to mind.

Your Convoy Don’t Scare Us

If the governor with all the horde of security accompanying him can be attacked so brazenly, civilians are toast in Borno.

Keep Your Drug Dealers Away From SA

While the Nigerian government is busy deploying police to protect South African owned properties and shooting Nigerians that protest, this minister is working hard to spur more attacks on Nigerians.
Our “big brother” demeanor keeps costing us. No?

Let’s Go The Legal Way

The case would probably drag on till there is another round of attacks, it’s, however, worth a try. Maximum pressure should be exerted.

It’s Time To Fight For The North! (Literally)

But somehow politicians from this region think building settlements for Fulanis and their cows is of utmost priority right now.

More Money To Be Paid

They should Kuku come and carry the vaults in CBN and freeze our foreign reserves.

I’m Not Playing With You Again!

Africans really took this round of attacks personal this time.
South Africans will think twice before going on another round of xenophobic attacks. Good one from Madagascar and Zambia.

Girl! Are We Even Mates?

If you try and fail and feel like giving up, look to this woman for inspiration. We wish you all the best at the finals, Serena. We also wish the young chap good luck… Hey #womanpower

I No Go Gree At All

Start your lawsuit already and save us the TEDtalk. Nigerian politicians and courtrooms are like agege bread and beans.

These are all the top-grossing stories you need to read about today. For more updates like this and to stay informed, subscribe to Vasiti Magazine Below:

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