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The annual SCAD Compete 2018 is finally here!

The annual SCAD Compete 2018 is finally here!

Disclaimer! This is only for law students both in Universities and law school that would like to get off their comfort zones and have the feel of a court setting, more like mock moot trials.

Advocacy for law students is very important because for those who wish to practice law, they would spend most of their careers trying to convince judges and panels to believe their client’s side of the story either in writing, orally or both. And even for those who have no intentions to harness the wig and gown, a good command of oratory prowess as well as clarity and brevity in writing is important.

Mooting or Moot Court as law students in England would call it, is a simulation of an appellate setting, where instead of presenting witnesses and tendering evidence for admission  before the court, counsel on both divides adumbrate on their written submissions (usually called a brief or memorial) before the court. Essentially they would both prepare briefs of argument based on hypothetical case presented and make an argument before the court based on their briefs.

The competition as stated in on their website (which of course we would leave a link) is in two stages; brief writing and oral advocacy for top 10 finalists.

To participate;

  1. Download the dispute scenario on the link provided on their website , case planning note and the relevant Lagos State Power Law 2018 and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Bill
  2. Submit your entry on or before 6th July 2018.
  3. Follow all the instructions in the Dispute Scenario to know what documents to submit.
  4. Like The SCAD social media platforms

The Oral advocacy stage will commence after the 10 finalists are announced.

Prizes to be won include;

1st Prize- N200,000 internship at Simmons Cooper Patners &1 Computer Tablet

2nd Prize- N150,000 internship at Simmons Cooper Patners

3rd Prize- N100,000 internship at Simmons Cooper partners

4th Prize- N50,000 and books each.

For more information, visit and for more opportunites, stay tuned to Vasiti magazine.

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