The Ajah Story: A Dangerously Superstitious Country.

This morning, pictures and videos of a young girl thrown out of a Benz in Ajah, Lagos; after which she allegedly began to shrink in size, flooded the internet.

Nigerians in their hundreds swarmed over to the venue; – from where they came still remains a big mystery – armed with phones and cameras, leaving their humanity behind.

For hours, this girl was the object of ridicule, mockery, shaming, disgust – you name it. Not one person lifted a finger to offer assistance. Not one.

Of course, the one thing that ran through the minds of everybody present, physically and virtually; was that perhaps her promiscuity landed her in the cold clutches of ritualists, or G-boys, as it is commonly called.

However, an actor who goes by the username @kierahwatchofficial on Instagram, took to her page to cry for help; claiming that in the midst of protests from the Nigerians who stood by; she picked the girl, who allegedly goes by the name, Ene, to LUTH, where she was allegedly confirmed HIV+ positive.

The events of today have proven one glaring point – the dangers of superstition, and how dangerously superstitious this nation is.

Just few weeks ago, a man was found in the exact same circumstance; however, the news that traveled round was a call for help. Nobody mentioned how his reckless behaviour probably landed him there; or blamed him for being in that position.

So why must it be different because it is a woman? Why must the first assumption be that she is a runs girl whose luck ran out? Why didn’t the possibility of her being kidnapped and held captive come up?

In 2002, a man in Cleveland, Ohio, kidnapped his daughter’s friend after offering her a lift, and two other women; who he kept as sex slaves for eleven years, till they were rescued.

How can we stand there ridiculing a person who is probably psychologically damaged and needs help?

What happened to clothing the naked, helping the weak?

The dangers of being an overly superstitious population is glaring; one of which happened today, in Ajah.

2 thoughts on “The Ajah Story: A Dangerously Superstitious Country.

  1. This is well said! Nigerians have been brainwashed with overly religious beliefs and it is going to be the downfall of this country.

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