5 kinds of Students you would meet during Ramadan

5 Kinds of Students You Would Meet on Campus During Ramadan

The popular Muslim Fasting Month, Ramadan, is here again

The Ramadan period is a period where Muslim faithfuls around the world abstain from food and drinks for a period of 29 -30 days.

The fasting is compulsory.

And as your favorite student magazine, we look into how the Ramadan fasting affects our students on Campus.

Here is a list of the 5 Kinds of Students You Would Meet on Campus During Ramadan.


1.) The Faithful Student

The students who belong in this category are known naturally from the way they dress and act. They are the ones who usually frequent the mosques for the five-daily prayers even when it’s not Ramadan.

And of course, they belong to the Muslim Association on Campus.

After lecturers, these students are mostly seen in the mosque.


2.) The Re-born

5 Kinds of student you meet during RamadanOut of the 5 kinds of students, you would meet on Campus During Ramadan, these are the ones that have a change of character just because it’s Ramadan.

Normally, some in this group are the life of the party but during this period, they stay away from the parties, drinking and womanizing just because of Ramadan.

Even some of who are natural trouble-makers don’t make trouble during this period. You are bound to find them visiting the mosque more often even if it’s just for the Taraweeh prayer.

*Taraweeh prayer is a long prayer prayed by most Muslims during every night of Ramadan*


3.) The Sneaky Eater


The law with Ramadan is No food, No drink during the day.

But the students in this group are natural foodies and part of those who lament a month before Ramadan commences.

They simply can’t do without eating!

So here is what they do, they sneak to eat and drink during the day and when it’s evening, they join those who are breaking their fast to break their fast.

For those in these group…you already know your fasting is 100% invalid.

It’s safe to say these are the “worst” on the list of 5 kinds of Students you would meet during Ramadan.


4.) The Complainers

Did you read the story of the boy who cried “Wolf”

This article has little or nothing to do with that story or the category of students in this group

But the students in this group and the boy have one thing in common.

They are dramatic!

These are the students during the Ramadan period who look like they’ve been starved for days and complain of all sorts of ailment during the fast but when it’s time to break, they are first to get there and last to leave.

Even if they only end up eating little or over-feed.

There is no in-between.


5.) The Free Food Seekers

5 Kinds of student you meet during RamadanWhich Nigerian student doesn’t like free food?

Waiting…the answer is none!

We all love free food and parties where they have a surplus supply of “Item 7”

And so the students in these group are no exception as during these periods they scavenge for places where food is being shared freely as this happens a lot during the Ramadan Period.

As a matter of fact, some of the students in this particular group do not even fast, they just know where and when free food is shared.

Out of the 5 Kinds of Students, you would meet during Ramadan, this group enjoys the most.


And that is the end of my list of 7 Kinds of Students you would meet during Ramadan.

Did I miss some?

Leave your suggestions in the comment and don’t forget to share with a friend.

Ramadan Kareem.


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