#TachaABrand – The FanBase You Should Not Mess With.

If you underestimated Tacha or her fan base, then you have clearly not been paying attention.

Weeks after the controversial eviction of Tacha and the end of Big Brother Naija Reality Show; the internet has quickly lost interest in the housemates.

Except Tacha, Tacha, Tacha.

Ever since her eviction, the reality star has been trending on Twitter every single day.

And her fans are not stopping anytime soon.

Yesterday, popular OAP Do2un got a taste of the power of Tacha’s fanbase, also known as Titans.

Upon the announcement that Do2un will be doing Tacha’s first interview since her exit from the big brother house; the OAP has received threats which quickly turned to death threats.

Apparently, not even celebrities are exempted from the wrath of Titans; especially when it has to do with negative comments about Tacha.

The OAP quickly became the object of ridicule – on his appearance, his career and also social media history; and Teebillz, Tacha’s manager as of recent, had to step in to salvage the situation.

And for sure, Twitter is reacting:

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