Survival Tip – How To Get Through A Bad Week

Survival Tip – Everyone at one point in time has experienced a bad week, a bad day, or even a bad month.

You know that point when it seems like you are casting back to back. It could be in the form of an unfavorable result or an evil lecturer or an impromptu test week or a planet-size debt. These things usually make up the cloudy storms of a bad week. However, the ability to get through a bad week situation is a skill, which few know and even fewer can apply. Here are a few hacks on how to get through a bad week:

Identify the solution

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Often times, we submerge ourselves in the problem, subconsciously, that we end up feeling bad for no reason. Identify what you did, or did not do right than what you did wrong.

Do not brood

For most people, the first step to challenging a bad week is to go into deep thought. This is referred to as brooding. In getting by a bad week, be thoughtful, but do not brood.

Note the small pleasures

If the week comes in the form of a loss in a contest where you have invested time, money and molds after molds of sleep, or it comes in the flesh of an unexpected cumulative GPA, focus on the past victories. This is because at the end of the day better the small pleasures than the small pressures.

Increase human contact

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In getting past a rough week, we usually hide from others or try to annihilate human contact totally. As opposed to the alternative, which is shelling yourself in a cocoon, increasing human contact, limits the propensity of brooding on the bad week alongside taking your mind of the issue.

Watch movies

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This works every time. You can get yourself out of a bad mood resulting from a bad week by viewing cartoons or movie. Those which will make you laugh, or movies that will generally make you happy. Be sure to limit your view to happy comedy and not movies that will make you cry or think.

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