Spiderman Lecturer

Superhero in Disguise: Lecturer transforms Into Spiderman

Not all superheroes wear capes, but some wear disguises like the story of this spiderman lecturer

In a South-eastern University, a lecturer was captured disguising as spiderman to attend to some of his students.

As we all know the  Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) are on strike, so all forms of academic activities have seized on the campus.

As a member of the body, you are not allowed to teach or engage in any academic activities.

Spiderman LecturerBut the Spiderman Lecturer who is said to be a strong member of the body decided to disguise as a superhero to save his students the stress of having to wait through the strike which currently has no end in sight and to also to prevent any form of unpleasantries from the Union.

Spiderman LecturerAccording to massmedia.ng, non-academic staff who probably recognized the lecturer by his vehicle attempted to greet them but he failed to respond to anyone. Rather, he just proceeded to the class where his M.sc students awaited him to have a final discussion with him before their Dissertation defense which would come up immediately after the ASUU strike ends.

It was also gathered that though the unnamed Spiderman lecturer ‘was’  supposed to be a superhero, he asked some students to be on the lookout for ASUU strike compliance monitoring team in case they headed the lecturer’s way.


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