Student Personality Of The Month:Exclusive Interview With GEEJOKES

Hi everyone,meet Mr Adejobi Gbolahan Kerry;a 400 level Student of the department of food technology at the University Of Ibadan. He is a veteran minister in the temple of jokes and the CEO of GEE Wears.

Kerry does his ministry well as he believes that we should always try to stay happy and let  happiness be contagious too.

He is indeed a unique personality and in this exclusive interview with the budding star, he walks us step by step through his beautiful journey as a comedian.

Let’s relax and walk ourselves through that journey below.


Tell me about yourself?

My name is Adejobi omogbolahan Kerry; a 400 level student of  the department of Food technology at the University Of Ibadan. I was born under the Zodiac sign . I hail from Osun state.Ironically,i am not the outspoken type but I am a comedian. Also,I  run a cloth company called the GEE WEARS.


Did you always want to be a comedian?

Not at all, I didn’t even know being a comedian was a job!

I have to admit,it is not easy to crack jokes in public.How did you first discover that you have a comedic talent? What is the unique recipes behind your public comedic shows especially Jokes Apart 1-3?

Strangely enough, I discovered this comedic spirit  in me around 15 during a children’s day in church. Every child was given the chance to present something creative on that day and I took to jokes.It was really amazing.I couldn’t believe it since I had planned to recite quotes from the word go and  the pretty piece of advice of flowing with jokes from one of my then sunday school teachers got me the first standing ovation. Of course it  has been my greatest source of motivation ever . As far as  JOKES APART is concerned,it began while I was in my second year in the University Of Ibadan.It is more than just a show to me.It  is in fact a journey of breaking boundaries.

Say something laughable?

Do you know that Nigeria is the poorest country in the world right now but you will be seeing long queues around the ATM Machines.Queues that can make one shed tears.

Do you think comedic abilities are what can be learned?

I am a proud product of that.Being a product makes me believe that there is nothing that cannot be learnt.

Do you write your comedic schedules?

Most times,I go to events blank headed.I always know something would come.Even with that,i don’t go to events without a Plan B.

Where do you get your comedic inspiration?

I am a big fan of foreign comedy.Foreign comedies are not particularly funny; Nigerians’ wise actually.The truth is,this foreign folks know the technicalities behind it. So,my comedic inspiration is from watching live comedy (foreign) and from the trendy topics on TV like BBN, Dino melaye comic moves e.t.c

How do you deal with hecklers?

I hardly come across them because I am very picky about my events. But when I see them, I try to crack jokes that they can relate with or even speak in their mother’s tongue so that we can be on the same page.


Was there a time when it became difficult to balance school work and public performance? If yes,tell me why? and how you were able to deal with it?

It happens every time, I get events almost every weekend and I have tests almost every week. Most times, I fall sick due to restlessness but these days, I reject events that won’t pay so much just so I can read and rest.

 Who do you think has been the most wonderful person to work with?

I have had so many bounty opportunities to work with other comedians. From my experience with them , I had a good time with working with Josh2funny, Peteru, gandoki but most importantly, Kennyblaq is a really friendly person. He would be my first pick

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?

In Nigeria I think I would  just pick Basketmouth because it’s not easy to remain relevant for a long time.I  have known him since I was 5.


Many Comedians believe that life is a bowl of cherries and that we should laugh overwhelmingly while we still have teeth.What is your philosophy about life?

Live,love and laugh

In one word, who do you attribute your success to?

To God, my parents and my fans all over the world.

If you were to give advice to our readers who aspire to develop their comedic abilities—whether through writing or performing, what would you suggest?

Always find the humor in everything no matter how sorrowful it is. Be the reason why many people smile and most importantly, ignore criticism.Listen to them as you can learn from their words but don’t let them discourage you.


What do you think of Vasiti?

A good platform for young entrepreneur and trust me,I’m your biggest fan.



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